Making it to Payday

There are lots of reasons we can end up a little short before payday – extra bills, emergency expenses, or a few small items that add up to more than usual. Whatever the reason, there are things you can do to make your cash last longer.

Pick up some cash-in-hand jobs on the weekend

Have you heard of Airtasker? If not, sign yourself up. Airtasker is an Australia-wide website where people post jobs and you can bid to do the work. It covers everything from cleaning, home maintenance, admin duties, and flyer delivery to graphic design or even building a website. You might find a simple job you can handle on the weekend and pick up some handy extra cash.

Eat on the cheap

Vegetarian dishes are often cheaper than their meat equivalents. At around $1 per tin, chickpeas or lentils will healthily bulk up a meal for much less than beef or chicken. If you can't go without meat, buy cheap cuts and slow cook them into curries or stews. Bulk the meal up with in-season (cheaper) veggies and serve with budget-boosting rice to make it go further. Also, check your freezer and cupboards before you hit the shops – then get creative. Items like potatoes, eggs, tinned food, and frozen peas can go a long way. 

Sell unwanted items for instant cash

There’s no better time to collect up those unwanted items or gifts. Take them to a second-hand retailer for instant cash. Anything from electronics, consoles, and DVDs to fitness equipment (like outgrown bikes or dusty gym equipment) and jewellery can be traded in for cash. And the added bonus – you’ll be de-cluttering your home.

Cash in all receipts

Got Medicare or private health fund receipts hanging around, or cheques still to be cashed? There's often money lying around that you can round up when you need it. Inspect your shopping receipts so you can save money on food offers. 

Let people know if payments will be late

If you’ve got bills or payments due, call and let people know the payments will be late. Most companies are understanding as long as they know what’s going on – especially if you stick to your promise to pay it back. Then, when you're paid, take a look at your budget so you don't have to go searching for coins again. There are plenty of free apps that can help.

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