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Who we are

We’ve been making life possible for our customers since 1984.

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginning as a burgeoning WA pawnbroking business to be the organisation we are today. And through it all there’s one thing that hasn’t changed - our passion and commitment to see what’s possible for our customers.

We’re proud to be Australia’s largest second-hand retailer with affordable personal finance solutions to give customers the freedom of choice.

Where we’ve come from

Our humble beginning as a family pawnbroking business saw us grow into Australia’s biggest second-hand retailer before expanding into personal finance.

The story began when founder Brian Cumins saw an opportunity to expand the pawnbroking industry into retail. From a WA family business to an international name, Cash Converters has reshaped the second-hand industry as it has grown and expanded across the globe.

We have more than 150 stores in Australia with a total of 683 stores across 15 countries.
(As at 25 October 2023).


1984 – Founder Brian Cumins opened the first store in Victoria Park, Western Australia
1988 – The first two franchise stores opened in Western Australia
1991 – The first international store opened in Essex, UK
1994 – The first non-English speaking store opened in France
1995 – Cash Converters was listed on the UK Stock Exchange
1997 – Cash Converters was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
1999 – The Cash Advance product was launched
2003 – The Personal Loan product was launched
2005 – Cash Converters turned 21 and reached 450 stores worldwide
2006 – Cash Converters underwent a re-brand, from logo to store design to advertising
2007 – Webshop, Australia's largest online second-hand goods retailer, was launched
2009 – Cash Converters reached 500 stores worldwide
2009 – EZCORP was introduced as a strategic shareholder
2010 – Personal Finance was launched in the UK
2010 – Federal Government national consumer credit reforms started to take shape
2010 – Online lending launched in Australia
2012 – The National Consumer Credit Legislation amendments were passed in Federal Government
2013 – Cash Converters acquired Carboodle (now Green Light Auto Finance)
2014 – We celebrated our 30th birthday with 768 stores in 21 countries
2016 – Launched our ‘What’s it Worth Online’ tool so customers can get quotes online
2016 – The Mercury platform was built - a bespoke, internal lending and assessment platform
2017 – Launched the Medium Loan financial product
2019 – Launched the My Loans Personal Finance app to manage personal finance loans
2020 – Sam Budiselik appointed to CEO