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Get cash on the spot with our pawnbroking loans

Bring in your item of value and we’ll keep it safe as security against a pawnbroking loan. Then, when you’re ready, pay back the loan in-store or online and pick up your item.

That’s extra cash in your pocket to help make more of the things you want possible, without selling something you want to keep.

We loan against a huge range of items, so head to your local store or get a quote online. You’ll need 100 points of ID and be 18 years or older. Alternatively, browse our other personal loan options including our small personal loans, medium personal loans or a cash advance.

Our Pawnbroking Loan Options

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General Pawnbroking Loans

You can loan against any item of value that you own like iphones, computers, cameras and more. We’ll keep your item safe until you’ve repaid your loan, then you can take it home.

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Pawnbroking Loans against Vehicles

We offer pawnbroking loans against cars, motorbikes, quads, boats, caravans and more. We’ll keep your vehicle safe until you’ve repaid your loan, then you can take it home.

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Other ways we can help


Sell to us

We pay cash on the spot for items of value that you no longer use like a guitar, computer, jewellery, smart phones, tool sets and more.

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Cash Advance

Walk into a store and walk out with up to $2,000 in your pocket. Simply make repayments over 4 to 20 weeks.

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Small Loan

Apply in-store or online for up
to $2,000 over a 2 to 12 month

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Pawnbroking Loan FAQs

  • How does a pawnbroking loan work?

    You can take out a Pawnbroking loan with us by using an item of value you own as security. We will hold your item and charge a monthly interest rate on the money you borrow. When you pay off the loan amount and any interest owing, you get your item back. Just like a regular pawnbroking loan, you also have the option to get a pawn loan against your vehicle.

  • What can I loan on?

    You can loan on most items of value you own, provided that they’re in full working order. For example, we loan cash for items like jewellery, gold, watches, smartphones, tablets and laptops, musical instruments, sporting goods, power tools and gaming gear. If you’re not sure whether an item you have can be loaned against, contact your local store.

  • What information do I need to provide to get a Pawnbroking loan?

    To get a Pawnbroking loan, you’ll need 100 points of ID including primary ID like a passport or drivers license, plus a proof of address document (like a power bill or phone bill) that is less than three months old.

  • I have a bad credit rating. Can I still get a loan?

    Yes. Your item of value is used as security for the loan, so a credit check isn’t required.

  • How long does the loan go for?

    Pawnbroking loans can last between one and three months, depending on which state you’re in. Check with your local store for more information.

  • When do I pay interest on my one month loan? (Available in NT, SA, VIC and TAS)

    If you take out a one month loan on the 1st January, you will owe the amount you borrowed plus one month of interest up until and including the 1st February. You have until the 1st February to repay the loan and redeem your item.

  • When do I pay interest on my three month loan? (Available in ACT, NSW, QLD and WA)

    If you take out a three month loan on the 1st January, you will owe the amount you borrowed plus one month of interest up until and including the 1st February. Then from the 2nd February up to and including 1st March, you will owe the amount you borrowed plus two months of interest and from 2nd March to 1st April, you will owe the amount you borrowed plus three months of interest. You can pay off the amount owing and redeem your item at any time during the three month period.

  • Can I extend my loan?

    Yes, you can extend your loan by continuing to make in-store monthly interest payments. Each time you pay a month’s interest, your loan will extend by an additional month. If you can’t make it in-store by the payment due date, contact the store for assistance.

  • What happens if I don’t pay the loan back?

    If you don’t make your monthly interest payments or respond to contact from us, we will keep your item in lieu of loan repayment. You won’t be contacted by debt collectors and your credit rating won’t be affected.

  • If I don’t pay the loan back, can I get another loan if I need it?

    Yes, you can. We’ll work with you to understand any issues that prevented you from paying off your last loan, to assist you in getting your next loaned item back.

  • I still have a loan in with you, but I have just had an unexpected bill come up. Can I have more than one loan going at the same time?

    You can have more than one active pawnbroking loan, though it’s important to be aware of the total amount you owe and when the payment due dates are.