What items does Cash Converters buy?

Did you know that nearly 9 in 10 Aussies have something of value that they could sell?

In fact, it’s likely that there are 19 pre-loved, unwanted or unused items per household that could make an Aussie – on average – $5,800, according to the 2020 Second Hand Economy Report. You don't need to worry about money matters so much if you can find things lying around that could give you a boost.

The most common things that Cash Converters buy are jewellery, games, and phones, but there are so many other things you can also sell to us. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to sell to Cash Converters to make some extra cash.


Whether you have a ring that doesn’t fit anymore, you’ve got unwanted or broken gold in your jewellery box, or your style has simply changed, bring it to your local store. We’re always on the lookout for unique jewellery.

We have jewellery experts on-site who can value your items and give you a fair price. Selling your jewellery to us is an easy and stress-free process to give your loved pieces to a new home and get instant cash for something new to make you sparkle.


With new models being released every year, there may be a few of us who are guilty of letting our older models gather dust after upgrading our phones. Those unused phones are worth cash which can go towards a new model. We’re always looking for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models, and Google Pixels.

Gaming consoles, games, and gaming equipment

Keeping your old consoles can take up precious space in your living room. If you’re upgrading to the new model, sell your previous model by bringing it to us instead. Plus, did you know that you can get some decent cash for retro consoles and games like the Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive?

The same can be said for your games and gaming equipment. If you’ve played it through and don’t plan on playing it again, make way for something new and get some bucks for it in the meantime.

Computers and laptops

We buy a huge range of tech across all the major brands like Microsoft, Asus, Lenovo, and Apple. Bring in your unwanted computers, tablets, and laptops, from a portable tablet that means business to a gaming PC with all the mods.


Photographers, make way for new cameras and lenses by selling us the items you’d like to replace. We buy lenses, drones, cameras, and camera equipment like tripods and flashes from all the big brands like Nikon, Canon, and GoPro.

Musical instruments and equipment

Perhaps you bought an acoustic guitar for a hobby that stalled, or an instrument for a recording project that you don’t need any more (cowbells, anyone?). Whatever the reason you’re selling a musical instrument or piece of musical equipment, you can sell it to us. We buy a huge range of musical instruments and equipment, from bongo drums to distortion guitar pedals.

Fitness equipment

Treadmill taking up too much space, or is that elliptical sitting in the corner of the room looking a little unloved? We get it – motivation comes and goes, and that ‘new year, new me’ plan might not have been a long term one. Give your fitness equipment a new lease on life, there’s no point keeping things that you don’t need or want!

Outdoor equipment

Your camping trip cancelled? Still hanging on to that fishing rod you bought a year ago that hasn’t actually caught any fish? Make back the money you spent on the equipment. Cash Converters buys outdoor gear, from tents and backpacks to flashlights and bikes.

Tools and hardware

If your do-it-yourself turned into don’t bother and you’ve got some tools to sell, bring them to your local store to see what the team can do for you. Selling your old tools is also a great opportunity to upgrade the items in your tool kit, just make sure it’s spick and span before you bring it in to sell.

Collectables and toys

This can cover a lot of things. Think the likes of Pokémon cards, Funko pops, collectable figurines, and movie props. That signed, framed photo that’s been in your cupboard could really be worth something – so why not make some cash from something you’re not using? Our team in-store will value your item for you, otherwise you can always get a quote online from Cash Converters on what it's worth.

Household appliances

From TVs and hi-fi to kitchen creature comforts like coffee machines, you may be able to get instant cash for that chunky appliance you no longer use. Offload something you’ve been meaning to upgrade for cash to put towards something new, like a TV that’s a few inches bigger. How’s that for a win-win situation?

Best things to sell at Cash Converters

You’ll get great value for:

  • Gold
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • PlayStations
  • Xbox consoles
  • Nintendo consoles
  • Tools
  • Stereo equipment
  • TVs

How do I know whether my item is worth anything?

There are lots of factors that go into valuing your item, like its condition, supply and demand, seasonality, age, and location. If you’re unsure, just reach out to us in-store or submit a What’s it worth request to get an initial quote for your item. 

Condition of the item

Condition isn’t everything, but it sure does help. It’s always worth bringing your item to us as, most of the time, we can offer you something for it if it’s not broken (unless it's gold) or a hazard.

The condition that your item is in helps to determine how much you’ll get for it.

For example, there are two iPhones available for sale. One has a couple of scratches and a dent on the back, and the other also has a couple of scratches but no dent. Which one is going to fetch you a higher price? Obviously, it'd be the one without the dent.

Also, the more you can bring in the more you’ll get when it comes to things like accessories, extra batteries, and chargers.

What is the age of your item?

Age is nothing but a number, right? Nope.

An early model iPhone in immaculate condition isn’t going to give you more value than a recent model iPhone with a few scratches. Consider the age of the item you’re wanting to sell and how much you’re willing to sell it for – it’s expected that an older item generally won’t fetch you the same price as a new one.

The current value of the item

This is a tricky one. While it might be valuable to you, it may not be valuable to others. Value also refers to the item's rarity, like whether it's a collectable, highly sought after, or one of a kind. There are many factors that decide an item's value.

Our team will do some research on the item’s current value to offer you a price.

The current market demand

Are people looking to buy items like yours right now? For example, when Pokémon Go was released, anything Pokémon-related was highly sought after. A few months later, it’s a completely different story.

Another way to think about it is supply and demand. If you own a new model PlayStation that has sold out in retailers, the value and price of the item will rise as supply dwindles and demand grows.


Did you know that location also plays a huge role in selling your unwanted items? For example, your old surfboards would be higher value in a town near a beach compared to a suburban area that’s closer to the city than the beach.

Find out how much it’s worth

You can use our What’s it Worth tool on Cash Converters for an online quote on the item that you’d like to sell.

To get a more accurate valuation, head into your local Cash Converters store or give them a buzz before heading in. You can use our store locator to find contact details and opening hours.

Bringing your item to Cash Converters to sell

Selling to us is hassle-free. Firstly, make sure to bring 100 points of ID when you head in store. Selling your item to us requires ID, and each state has their own requirements so make sure you check what you need to bring with you when you head into your local Cashies. Expect to bring in a photo ID like your driver’s license or passport and ID that verifies your residential address.

It usually takes about 15 minutes to sell an item to our friendly team. The operator will ask you some questions about your item, then you’ll come to an agreement on a price.

If you’re happy with the price you’re offered, consider it a deal!

Find out how much it's worth

You can use our What’s It Worth tool to get a quote on the item you’d like to sell.

To get a more accurate valuation, head in-store to your local Cashies or give them a buzz prior to heading in. You can use our store locator to find contact details and opening hours.

Don’t forget 100 Points of ID

Selling to Cash Converters requires 100 points of ID. Each state has different requirements, so be sure to double check what you need to bring in with you when you head in-store.

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