How to start leading a more minimalistic life

Now is a great time to declutter and reorganise your home. 

With a little bit of help, your pre-loved goods could soon be loved by someone else.

Be prepared

The key to any big clean out is being prepared. Before you start opening kitchen cupboards, trying on clothes or testing unused toys, have everything you need to make your life easier. Pre-marked boxes for selling, throwing out and donating will make it easier to keep track of everything whilst batteries, permanent markers, and bubble wrap will allow you to test, mark and safely secure items as you go.

Don’t forget the spray and wipe or disinfectant to give those items found at the back of your cupboard a quick once-over before they find a new home. If you’re decluttering because you’re moving or simply have a lot to get rid of, why not hire a skip bin?

Get the whole family involved

Many hands make light work.

Ask the kids to pick out six toys: two that have seen better days and should go in the bin, two that they no longer want and would be suitable for someone less fortunate, and two that they would be prepared to sell for some extra pocket money.

It’s a great opportunity to decide as a family if the tent you vowed to use more often will ever get used again or if you’ve all outgrown the tandem bicycles collecting dust in the shed.

Be realistic

Sometimes it can be difficult to part with items, especially if they have sentimental value. Whilst decluttering your home is good for the soul, it doesn’t mean you need to go overboard.

Think about items that you haven’t used in six months or had forgotten you owned. Will you miss them? If your answer is no, pop them in one of your three marked boxes.

If you’re unsure, put it back in its place and jot down a note. The next time you do some spring cleaning, if you can honestly say you haven’t used it then it's time to go.

Make time to actually get rid of your unwanted items

We’re all guilty of driving around for weeks at a time with a bag or box full of items bound for the local second-hand goods shop. To make sure this doesn’t happen, call ahead so they're expecting your delivery and drop off as soon as you can.

Fill your bin immediately or take a trip to your local council rubbish location.

And for those items you think you can sell, head to What's It Worth and see how much cash you could get for them. If the deal is right, Cashies will pay you instant cash in store.

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