How to prepare your items to sell

Out with the old and in with the new. Before you head in-store to sell you item for instant cash, make sure you prepare it as best as possible.

Whether you’re getting rid of your old surfboard, previous model smartphone,  or console that you dont use any more, preparing your items before selling them makes for an easy, hassle-free and seamless process.

Avoid worrying about the smaller things like forgetting to back up your precious photos and start focusing on the instant cash you just received.

Luckily, the process of preparing your items before selling them is just as easy as ABC.

A is for accessories

iPhone accessories.jpg

We’re not talking about rings and bracelets here - we’re talking about cords, boxes, bags, the whole lot! If you’re about to sell off your old smartphone, make sure you’ve got the matching cords, chargers, cases, user manuals, and boxes if you still have them.

Having these accessories by your side and ready for packing could see an increase in the value that you receive for your item when selling them.

B is for back up

No one wants to have their personal photos, contacts and text messages in the hands of someone they don’t know.

Before handing over your old smartphone or camera to its new owner, be sure to back up any photos, videos, or messages that you want to keep for future reference. You can store these on your laptop, in the Cloud or on an external storage drive.

After you’ve successfully backed up your item, make sure you wipe it clean and manufacture reset it. You never know where your personal data can end up or what it can be used for.

C is for clean up

After you clean it out, it’s time to clean it up. A simple way to remember this is by asking yourself if the condition you’re about to sell your item is the way you would like to buy an item.

Get all the grime and dust off your goods, put in some elbow grease and thoroughly wipe it clean. It makes the process easier for you and a lot easier for the people that will be handling your item after you palm it off.

Preparing your items before you sell them isn’t that hard. It’s as easy as ABC and could mean the difference in the value you receive for your item.

Remember to pack all the accessories, back it up and clean it up. Simple!

If you have something of value that you'd like to sell, you can get a quote online with our What's it worth? form. Otherwise, simply head in to your local Cashies to chat to the friendly team in-store.

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