How to buy the perfect gift for the gamer

How to buy the perfect gift for the gamer in your life

With Christmas fast approaching us and a slew of games just released it can be overwhelming to know what to buy the gamer in your life.

Consider the platform

The first and most obvious tip I can give you – what are they playing it on? Yes there is a difference, yes it matters.

Some of us have a computer and a console but have a preference – personally I prefer consoles for first person shooters so Call of Duty Modern Warfare on PC is thoughtful but not perfect.

Just scope out what games they have and what they are on and you can ask anyone who knows about gaming and they can definitely point you in the right direction.

What game genre do they love?

The second thing to look for if they haven’t asked for a specific game is what type of game do they play. Again, there is a massive difference in style of game – it is much the same as what they play on.

Find out what games they like, what they spend the most time playing and ask someone for something similar. If someone enjoys Dark Souls then they will probably enjoy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Be mindful of age

If you’re buying a game for younger gamer it is really important to know the child you are buying for – all children mature at different ages and what is appropriate for one child may not be for another of the same age.

Read the ratings and check what the reasons for the rating are – violence, nudity, just adult themes.

Different children will be sensitive to different things and if you are in any doubt have a look at some gameplay on YouTube or Twitch and make an informed decision.

They have so many games. Is there anything else a gamer wants?

Don’t discount gaming accessories as a gift option.

A new headset can make all the difference to someone playing games online, a new controller is always appreciated – if they only have one, then having a back up on charge is a massive time saver.

A new keyboard or mouse can be tricky to buy if you don’t know their preferred brand or style – stick to what is safe and what you know they will like – gamers are a picky bunch and all have different preferences.

If all else fails, head over to the Cash Converters Gamer's Gift Guide to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life.