Xbox v PlayStation: let's settle the age-old battle

With the end of the Xbox One and PS4 generation, gaminge expert Michael (Gawler SA) looks at who came out on top.

We look at their sales, exclusive games, and raw console power to see which is the real winner.


When I was researching this article, it became abundantly clear that Sony had won the sales – and they had won it hands down.

Sony recently held a press conference where they reported on how many PS4 consoles they sold. At the time of writing, Sony claimed they had sold 106 million consoles, 1.15 billion games and 5 million VR headsets.

Microsoft have kept their results much quieter. While writing this article it was hard to find an exact number, but it looks like there were around 47 million consoles sold. Not only was that less than half of Sony's sales, it doesn’t even get them in the top 10 for all time console sales. Meanwhile, the PS4 is sitting pretty up at number four. Microsoft also didn’t have the VR headset to help sales as the Kinect was deemed a failure and never accepted as the future of gaming – or even really a part of it.

PS4: 1 – Xbox One: 0

Exclusive games

In my opinion, this is what really helped Sony win this generation. They had a stellar line-up of exclusive games and unlike much of what Microsoft was releasing, they were really personal, story-driven experiences. 

Gamers are no longer just young people. Many of them are becoming ‘middle-aged’ and crave a deeper experience and that’s what Sony delivered. 

The PS4’s top six selling games were all Sony exclusives with Uncharted 4 topping them all with more than 16 million copies sold.

To put that into perspective, Xbox One’s best selling game was also an exclusive, Halo 5: Guardians, but there were only five million copies sold.

Each of the PS4’s exclusives that were in the top six all sold more than eight million copies. Not only did they have the highest selling exclusive but they had seven of the top 10.

One of Microsoft’s flagship franchises Forza was outsold by Gran Turismo Sport quite handily – even if you add all the different Forza games’ sales together it's still less than Gran Turismo.

When you break it down, Microsoft's offering of Halo 5, Deadstring 3 and the various Forzas don't even come close to Sony's exclusive games which featured the likes of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us and even Marvel’s Spiderman.

PS4: 2 – Xbox One: 0

Console Power

This one isn’t as cut and dry as the previous categories. It's becoming more common to see developers making smaller upgrades and releasing 'premium' models, instead releasing a new console every couple of years.

At the start of the generation, the PS4 was more powerful than the Xbox One. Even a few years later games were still running smoother, with a higher frame rate and at a higher resolution on a PS4 compared to an Xbox One.

However, once the Xbox One S was released, the power balance started to swing in its favour. The One S is what the Xbox One should have been on release. With up to 4k resolution and HDR, built in power brick, and a sleeker design it looks and feels more like a modern console.

That was until the PS4 Pro was challenged by Xbox One X, when Microsoft finally got one up on Sony.

The One X has a built in 4K blu-ray drive, more RAM, and is slightly more powerful. I could list all the specs but if you're really interested in the nuts and bolts you can google it and read how many teraflops each console has but the bottom line is that the One X is the most powerful console currently on the market.

PS4: 2 – Xbox One: 1


I think even the biggest Xbox fan can agree that Sony is the winner.

It makes sense for them to want to succeed. They make 20 per cent of their revenue from gaming whereas Microsoft only makes 7 per cent, so it's always going to be important for Sony to win.

That being said, at the end of the day all that matters is that you, as a consumer, are happy with your console – be it Xbox, PlaStation or even a Switch. 

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Author: Michael Wickham - Cash Converters Gawler SA


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