Making the Most of Summer Holidays

The summer school holidays go for some time, and can put a fair bit of pressure on parents to keep kids entertained. But don't panic! Here are some suggestions for cheap activities that are fun for everyone.

Get out and about

The great outdoors offers plenty in the way of good, old-fashioned fun. The beach, parks and bushland are all there, and all free. If your offspring need a bit more incentive to get some fresh air, turn it into a game with one of Nature Play’s free passports – each one has 10 missions to complete outside, such as sleeping in the backyard in a tent, as well as a list of things every kid should do before they turn 12.

Get crafty

You know those Christmas cards you're always intending to send out? Kill two birds with one stone and keep the kids busy for hours designing their own extra-special homemade cards – all you need is a bit of coloured paper, some glitter and a few textas. Has someone who appreciates a bit of hand-made love got a birthday coming up? Get the kids to make them something simple, special and heartfelt. Hours of fun. Go to Pinterest for heaps of easy craft ideas for kids.

Discount outing

With a bit of savvy internet searching you will find voucher websites that can get you into adventure and waterparks, movies and museums for discounted prices. Check out sites like Shop A Docket or Groupon and look for a deal at an attraction near you.

Make technology your friend

Yes, everyone is talking about kids spending too much time in front of computers and TVs. However, it’s likely there will be some screen time, especially on those sweltering summer days when it’s too hot to go outside. Just make sure it's on your terms. It's also a good idea to avoid the pester power of ads by picking up a few second-hand DVDs and games. If you really can’t stand the idea of your kids sitting inside, think about trying out a geocaching event, which uses map coordinates and GPS technology to take you on a real-life treasure hunt.

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