Mother's Day gift ideas

We all know that our mums are special, so this Mother’s Day you’ll want to gift her something other than the flowers you picked up at the servo 15 minutes before visiting her.

Whether you buy or make her something, show your mum how much you care (and quickly become her favourite) with these cost-effective ideas.

Thoughtful gifts are always a winner

Sure, it might seem like a good idea to buy Mum an iron but the best kind of gift is one she won’t buy for herself.

Think about what your mum likes to do when she’s not being a mum. If she’s into sports, perhaps some new sports gear or why not book her a tennis court for the afternoon and take her on in a family battle? A voucher for a massage could come in handy once social distancing rules are relaxed, or pre-book an experience that she'll be able to enjoy as we start to go back to normal life.

Vintage never goes out of style

If you want to avoid the cliché Mother’s Day jewellery idea, why not go vintage? Buying her something that includes her birthstone or perhaps a piece that was created the year she was born is a great way to find a unique piece just for her. Make sure you work out your mum’s style before you go shopping. Is she more of a necklace wearer, or perhaps she’d prefer a ring? The options are endless when it comes to vintage jewellery.

Made just for your mum

There are so many options when it comes to personalised gifts this Mother’s Day. You could pop your family photo on to a coffee mug, or write a beautiful verse and have it scribed on a wooden board. If Mum loves her fashion, a personalised t-shirt or even shoes could be a good choice. Or why not go back to your youth and handcraft something yourself? Grab your favourite photos, an album, some stickers and create to your heart's content. If you love baking, homemade cookies or a cake wrapped up beautifully is another way to mum’s heart. Plus, now that we have more time on our hands, it's a great way to get busy.

Make her day

Mums are normally pretty good at loading up the Tupperware containers for you to take home leftovers, so return the favour this Mother’s Day and cook up a feast whilst she sits back and relaxes. It doesn’t matter if you make it from scratch, buy it already made from your local restaurant or do something that’s a bit of both, Mum will absolutely appreciate the day off - just remember to clean up afterwards.

Whatever you choose to buy your Mum this Mother’s Day, make sure you accompany the gift with a lovely card, including a note about how much she means to you. If you have kids yourself, get everyone involved and craft a big card from the whole family.

If you still need inspiration on what to buy Mum, check out our online shop for great ideas.

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