A Beginners Guide to Buying Diamonds

We’ve all heard the saying “Shine Bright like a Diamond” however do you know what it takes to make a Diamond Sparkle?

When buying a diamond, you’ll often hear the 4C’s being discussed. These are the specifications and features of the diamond which creates its value. The 4C’s listed by importance are;

  1. Cut
  2. Colour
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat

1. Cut

Cut is the most important of the 4C’s But why?

The way a diamond is cut has the most influence over how a diamond will sparkle. This is because natural sunlight is used to give the diamond its shine.

An ideal cut ensures that the light is reflected through the facets of the diamond. As shown in the graphic below, if a cut is too shallow or deep the light will be lost.

Diamond Cut Light Reflection.png

Cut refers to proportions, angles, percentages, width, depth, girdle, thickness and crown height. An excellent cut will bring your diamond to life!

2. Clarity

Diamonds are a natural gemstone and as such will have inclusions; cracks, clouds, lines and carbon spots. Most diamonds will look the same unless you view them under a 10x magnification. The exception to this is I1 and below.

These diamonds usually have carbon spots that are visible to the naked eye and can make the diamond appear dirty.

Diamond Clarity meaning.png

3. Colour

The colour is the second most important factor to consider when purchasing a diamond jewellery piece.

As you can see in the graphic below, a visual difference between pure white (colourless) and off white (near colourless).

Going for a ‘light colour’ diamond can be a great way to get a large diamond ring on a budget as the more hint of yellow colour in the diamond, the more budget-friendly the diamond will be.

Diamond Colour Scale.png

4. Carat

Carat refers to the size of the diamond and is calculated by weight.

When buying a diamond, does size really matter? In today’s market the dream carat weight is 1.00ct however you may have to sacrifice cut, colour and clarity if you are on a budget.

Ready to start shopping?

This guide provides you a starting point to finding a diamond that will Dance in your eyes and Shine like a disco ball!! .

At Cashies, we have a wide range of beautiful diamond jewellery pieces so don’t be afraid to ask our staff for help if you see a piece you love today.