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No two days are the same in a Cash Converters store. A career in our stores means you will have the opportunity to learn, grow and challenge yourself to excel in your role with the support of your colleagues. You will have access to a structured onboarding and online training program, as well as first-class training and support from team members with a wealth of knowledge.

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What does the average day in Stores look like?

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Buys and Loans

The buys and loans room is the hub of a Cash Converters store. You buy and provide loans against various items, keeping up to date with market trends and dealing with one-off items you may have never seen before. Negotiation skills are vital in this role, lending itself to an exciting environment where you can make autonomous decisions.

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Retail and Jewellery Retail

Our retail department is a customer-centric environment, with a large variety of second hand items and jewellery. We sell a huge range of jewellery, gaming, phones, cameras, computers, tools and hardware, outdoor and sporting goods, and collectables – just to name a few. You never know what you’ll find.

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Personal Finance

Our personal finance operators offer our customers a number of financial options through responsible lending practices, finding them a solution that’s right for their circumstance. Customer service is at the forefront in all that we do.

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Store Management

This involves planning and directing the day-to-day operations of a busy store with up to five departments under one roof. Leaders in our business have the opportunity to learn and grow within the different areas of our operations.

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