The art of haggling

Haggling is often associated with buying souvenirs while you’re on holidays, but did you know that many Australian businesses are open to polite bargaining?

Here are some tips to help you strike a deal.  

Do your research

Spend some time researching the company that you’re about to negotiate with. How much are they charging? How much are their competitors offering? Are they about to release new stock or do they have a stocktake coming up?

Timing is essential, so do your homework to find the best time to strike a deal.

Check the language

It doesn’t matter if a company makes a ‘we won’t be beaten on price’ claim or not - get to know the language they use in their advertising. If phrases like ‘competitive pricing’ or ‘best industry value’ are in their ads, chances are they’ll be open to negotiation.

Threaten to break up

Pull the break up card. You can end up saving hundreds each year just by making a few phone calls and informing your current providers that you’re considering taking your business elsewhere - you'd be surprised what's possible.

Know what you want

Do you want savings, extra features, or an upgrade? Always have a budget and a clear idea of the features you want before you get into conversations with salespeople, especially for big purchases like cars and whitegoods.

Walk away

Take a page from Craig David’s book and walk away from your first offer. The salesperson has already invested time and effort to persuade you, but if they're worried about losing a sale they might be more likely to drop the price just that little bit further.

Aim for a win-win

Haggling doesn’t have to mean that you can only win if the seller loses. For example, you may want a cheap computer. The shop owner selling computers might want to get rid of the display model, or you to recommend the business to your friends, or simply get paid in cash.

Always see if there’s a way both parties can walk away from a negotiation feeling happy.

Negotiate with us

Did you know that you can negotiate on price with Cash Converters? If you've got your eye on something, have a chat to the team in-store to see if you can make a deal.

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