Catching Up – Without Food or Booze

Trying to save some cash, doing an alcohol-free month or sick of paying for soggy scrambled eggs on sourdough? Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, couch potato or art enthusiast, there's a range of activities that don’t cost a cent or involve food or alcohol – and they’ll all provide a great catch-up with mates.

Walk it out

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, scenic bushlands and pretty city areas. Make the most of your local area, or go a little further afield and explore one of our many great trails or bushwalks. Hit up your state’s tourism site and search for recommended trails, or Bushwalking Australia has a searchable map. What are you waiting for? Get out there for a beautiful morning walk and catch up on the gossip.

Hit the beach or park

While summer is the ultimate outdoors season, the beach and local park are just as lovely in the cooler months. Get a group together and go for a wander or hang out. Take a frisbee for extra fun and incidental exercise.

Get sporty

Be it tennis, basketball, cricket or golf, most local shires and councils offer a few free courts and sports fields. All you need to do is bring along your own equipment – and enough people to make it work! Even more cost-effective ­is a good run or bike ride. Most cities have park runs, which encourage groups of people to go along and run and they time you for free. Competition much?

Be culture vultures

You don’t have to spend a cent to get your culture on. Go for a wander through an art gallery or museum, or hit up craft fairs, markets and art shows. Most of the bigger galleries have free entry on at least one day of the week, if not more. Check out their websites for the best days to go.

Photo by Vincent Tantardini on Unsplash

Get on your hobby horses

Got a passion that you share with your friends? Or want to try something new? There are plenty of group activities that don't involve food or booze. Geocaching, yoga raves, gardening and waterside activities like fishing, snorkelling or surfing are all low-cost, fun and social.

Be crafty

Looking for a fun arvo indoors? Look no further than a crafternoon. Choose your project, from sewing cushion covers and restoring furniture to making jam or soap bombs, bring along what you need and get started. Have a chat, a cup of tea, swap ideas and enjoy the communal sense of creation.

Clothes swap

Got a bunch of clothes or accessories you no longer love? Why not mix socialising with recycling and organise a clothes and accessories swapping party? Even if fashion isn’t your bag, maybe you each have homewares or unwanted gifts that you no longer want. Whatever is left over can go to your local charity store, or to a second-hand store if it’s cash-worthy!

Games night

Call your board games into action, or get your charades on for a totally free night of fun. If you’re short on options, make it a BYO night where everyone brings their fave game along.

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