Women doing fitness with their feet in the air

Fire Up or Wind Down? The Battle of the Weekend

Whether you’re the gung-ho type or your weekends are totally laid-back, the one thing most people agree on is a weekend spent doing nothing at all is a waste of precious downtime. Here are some activities to get you inspired to unwind, or wind up, in style.

Get your active on

1. Shake it off Like to dance? Keen to burn 700 calories an hour (yes, you’ll feel every one of them and sleep like a baby). The latest craze in the dancing-as-exercise genre is called Konga; a frenetic mashup of boxing, cardio, dance and sculpting exercises. Konga involves squats and burpees, and is set to a mix of musical genres designed to keep your spirits high – and your mind off the fact your butt gave up and left the building three minutes in. A morning class will blow out the cobwebs and see you hitting your afternoon activities with a burst of feel-good endorphins.

2. Go aerial Are you a fan of yoga and looking to take it to the next level? Aerial yoga studios are popping up everywhere, adding an element of flying to the popular relaxation technique. With beginner to expert classes, you move through the standard yoga moves wrapped in a special fabric hammock which gives you even more freedom of movement. If aerial yoga doesn’t appeal, pole dancing is another way to get your body off the ground and flying through the air (though with the greatest of ease is not quite the right term – the sport is very physically demanding, but is open to people of all levels.)

3. Jump around Definitely not just for the kids (though it’s a great way to get them off their electronic devices), trampolining is a fun way to stay active on the weekend. Word of warning – do stick to your skill level and be wary of risky moves on your first visit, or you could sustain some serious injuries. But if you keep it relatively sensible, trampolining is excellent for your fitness, and your sense of childlike fun.

Taking couch lounging to a new level

1. If you’re a couch potato who needs to lift your fitness game, SpeedFit might be your saviour. SpeedFit is an electro-muscular-stimulation-based workout that claims you can achieve in 20 minutes what would normally take four hours in the gym. Wearing a special suit that hooks you up to electrodes, you’ll go through a series of very basic movements (for example, squats and crunches). But here’s the twist – the electrodes deliver a pulse that stimulates the muscles, causing them to clench and release. Session one is definitely on the uncomfortable side, but once you get used to it, it’s an efficient way to exercise – freeing up some valuable TV or picnicking-in-the-park time.

2.  Get simulated Your laid-back lifestyle can still include the fun of car racing or golfing, but with a lot less effort. The Simulation Centre offers an as-real experience for a range of tastes and interests. Go for high-octane car racing, check out one of 21 world-class PGA championship courses or driving ranges, or try one of many sports – everything from baseball, cricket and NFL to zombie dodgeball and carnival games. Not chilled enough? Sit back and watch one of the many 9D animation movies – feel the movie as if it’s real.

3.  Relax on the water Chartering a boat for a leisurely sail, an afternoon of fishing, or even a party pontoon for a river cruise with mates, are lovely ways to get out in nature without raising too much of a sweat. A bit outside your budget? Keep it free by hitting the beach for a paddle (or a fishing sesh.) 

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