How to pay for an unexpected car emergency, fast

Tick, tick, tick – then nothing. The tank is full, but you're going nowhere fast. You’re probably wishing you serviced your car when you were meant to… a year ago.

Getting your car serviced is one of life's expenses that often seems like a chore. We all know it’s better for your car in the long haul - from its re-sale value to its overall safety functionality - but with a service fee set to stop you dead in your tracks, it’s no wonder why car servicing can take a backseat. Luckily, we’ve got some ideas to lighten the load.

Reduce your costs

Parts for cars can be expensive with mark-ups of more than 1000 per cent well documented. But did you know that big automotive retail chains stock a whole range of generic parts, from batteries to transmissions and even windscreen wiper blades?

After your service and before any repairs are made, get a list of what you need, the costs involved, and take it into one of these shops first. You'll be surprised at how much you could save.

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Know your mechanic

Try your local mechanic to keep costs down. Just make sure you find someone reputable so your car comes out safe and roadworthy. A local mechanic may also be more likely to offer a payment plan to minimise the impact on your budget. 

Take stock of your sellable goods

Before you throw out those oil cans, spare parts or old posters, check their value online first. Perhaps that radiator cap is off a vintage Rolls Royce or those wheels are from a Monaro? Make a list and get on Google or use our What’s It Worth tool to find out if you're sitting on a gold mine. 

Borrow, but do it with a plan

If you're going to borrow money, have a plan for how you will pay it back. Back yourself up with extra shifts at work, an agreed payment plan with your mechanic, or make some instant cash by selling your unwanted items of value

It may feel like the end of the world when an unexpected car drama lands, but with some clever thinking there are many ways you can take full control of the wheel and make some quick cash along the way.  

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