You’ve decluttered your house, decided what to bring to The Great Aussie Garage Sale, booked your bay and enlisted some friends or family to help. Now comes the important stuff, making money! And we’ve got all the tips and tricks to make your day a successful one.

Know the rough layout of how to organise your stand

People shop with their eyes and with so many great sellers you’ll want to stand out. If you have a mix of general household items, or larger items such as used furniture, consider organising them into categories. That way if people are looking for something, you can have everything in the one spot.

Have some coins and notes for change

Whilst most people come prepared with smaller notes and lots of change, not everyone will, so having a small float will make it easier for people to buy from you. Most banks can provide a float so think about the price of your items and get denominations that suit.


Having a calculator, even if it’s just an app on your phone will expedite your sale and make it easier if someone gives you a large note, especially if you’re not a mathematician. A quick sale will give you more time to engage with other customers.

Paper, pencils and price stickers

If you want to track what you sell, consider jotting down a description of each item as it sells. This will also help if you’ve joined forces with other people to set up your bay. Price stickers also make it easier for customers to know what your items are selling for.

Bags or boxes for customer purchases

For customers who buy multiple items, provide a bag or a box. Keep your plastic shopping bags in the lead-up to the event or do a call out to friends for small boxes that you can use. It’s a nice added extra for people who make a purchase from you.

Know your items value

People love to find bargains so don’t price your items too low or you’ll leave no room for haggling. Don’t be afraid to reduce your prices as the day goes on or provide a special offer like “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” for the last hour. Also make sure your prices aren’t too high, especially if lots of people are selling around you for a cheaper price. Remember Cash Converters are also at the event and will pay you instant cash for your valuable items.

Have a wander around

Spend some time wandering around the event, especially if you want to pick up a bargain of your own. See what other people are selling, who knows what you might be able to find.

There’s still time to get yourself organised for The Great Aussie Garage Sale, so check out the website for all the information and good luck!

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