This Month in Gaming - December 2019

This is the time of year when all the big games come out – leading into Christmas companies want to get everything out, patched and working so that come Christmas day if it in perfect working order for all the new players.


It was a massive month for the Switch with two beloved franchises in Professor Layton and Pokemon releasing their latest instalments - games that you can easily justify buying a Switch for.

If you haven’t ever played a Pokemon game before – firstly where have you been and secondly now is the time to jump in and Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are great entry points into the series.

Let's Go Eevee - Pokemon - Nintendo Switch Game Cover - Cash Converters Gaming

Professor Layton

Professor Layton is a must for anyone who likes puzzle games and is great for playing in bed and just relaxing.

If you are curious about what a Professor Layton game is, they have been released on DS and 3DS since 2007 and even features a cross over with Phoenix Wright.

Death Stranding

The enigma that is Death Stranding has finally landed has been called everything from a ‘Hiking Simulator 2019’ to ‘shockingly fun’ – it has received the most nominations at the 2019 Game Awards.

For anyone who isn’t sure what to expect you need to go back and play the Metal Gear Solid series. Developer Hideo Kojima is one of the most creative and unique developers of this generations and Death Stranding is him at his most indulged.

Death Stranding - PS4 - Cash Converters Gaming

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Another massive release was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – launching to seemingly coincide with the release of Disney +.

Much to everyone’s relief it seems to be mostly free of interference from EA and isn’t bogged down in unnecessary microtransactions.

With the combat being described as 'soulslike' it is set to be a challenging but rewarding game set in the Star Wars cannon. It can be a perfect gateway for anyone who hasn’t played a Dark Souls game to dip their toe into the water in a much more familiar universe to see if it’s for them.

Star Wars: Fallen Jedi - Xbox One - PS4 - PC Games - Cash Converters Gaming

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Author: Michael Wickham - Cash Converters Gawler SA