Trade for an upgrade | Cash Converters

Out with the old, in with the new!

Are you holding onto that older generation iPhone and dreaming of a newer model? Now's your chance to make that upgrade.

Dive into the latest tech with our easy trade and save process. Simply head into your nearest store to get cash on the spot for your old phone that you can put towards the latest one.

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Cash on the Spot

Get cash on the spot for quality items. We buy everything from smartphones, tablets and digital cameras, to musical instruments, jewellery and everything in between. Not sure? Just contact your local store.

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Hassle free

Don’t wait! Head to your local Cash Converters store where the friendly, knowledgeable team will professionally value your item and answer any questions you may have.

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We're locals

With over 150 stores Australia wide, you’re sure to find a store close by. Pop in and say hi!

Selling to Cashies

  • How it works

    1. Gather your items you would like to sell
    2. Get a quote online or head in-store
    3. Enjoy cash on the spot 

  • Eligibility

    100 points of ID and anything’s possible. 
    This can include your driver’s licence, Australian passport, utility bill or bank statement.
    These are some of the more common types you’ll need, but It’s different for each State and Territory, so best to double check before you head in-store

*Second-hand economy report 2020