6 Ways to Prevent Barking-Mad Vet Bills

Ensuring the health and safety of your furry friend is not an easy task for any paw-rent. Here are six ways that you can prevent an unexpected vet bill.

Nobody likes vet visits. Not the pets being treated, nor the owners who pay. Luckily, there are ways to avoid costly vet bills.

 1. Choose your pet wisely 

Do your research. Some breeds are more prone to particular health problems than others and it's your responisbility as the owner to be prepared for when these issues arise.

Keep in mind that some vets may not have experience with ‘exotic’ pets – including the humble bunny! Find a vet you trust. One that is willing to work within your budget and can support the needs of your pet.

2. Give your pet the best start in life

Spend a little today to save a lot tomorrow. Pet insurance is always a good idea. Be sure to shop around, carefully read any product disclosure statements and double-check on details such as excess and waiting periods to avoid any nasty surprises.

3. Keep your pet safe

Always make sure your pet is safely contained and supervised. Keep choking hazards and toxic chemicals, such as snail pellets, out of the way. When walking your dog, keep them on a leash where required and ensure that they get the training they need for example, puppy school.

4. Keep your pet clean

You can wash your pet at home or hire a professional to do it for you. What really matters is that you train your pet from a young age so that it gets used to the nail trims, coat clips, ear and paw inspections needed to get them squeaky clean. Regular care can help you avoid expensive cleaning or treatments.

5. Keep your pet healthy

Get your furry friend spayed, neutered and vaccinated to prevent serious illness and disease. These are must-do’s in improving your pet’s health, behavior and lifespan.

Where you can, use home-preventative medications for problems such as heartworms, intestinal parasites and flea infestations. An annual check-up with your vet is a good way to catch potential problems before they get worse.

Like humans, your pet’s health is directly linked to its nutrition. Try making your own healthy pet food: a weekly cook-up of meat, vegetables and grains means high-quality food at a much cheaper price. Always give them plenty of water (especially in summer) and be careful not to overfeed. Obesity in pets is a costly problem you’d like to avoid.

6. Keep your pet happy

Pets need regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and prevent weight-related complications such as diabetes. Make sure your pet has enough run-around time. For dogs, regular walks are vital to keeping your dog (and you) healthy.

Pet ownership can be expensive. But with a little research and preventative action, your furry best friend can remain healthy and happy – and so can your wallet.

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