Over 750 stores in 18 countries worldwide.

In 1984, Cash Converters started as a single store in Perth, Western Australia.

It was founded by Brian Cumins and a group of partners whose vision was to transform the humble second-hand store into a chain of professional retail outlets.

Today, there are more than 150 Cash Converters stores throughout Australia, and over 750 worldwide.

Cash Converters is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (CCV). For updated information visit our international site by clicking here.

Cash Converters, is always looking for ways to improve the service we provide. And as you can see, with recent innovations like Webshop, which allows you to bid on or buy a huge range of items online, we continue to lead the way.


Cash Converters has been a part of your community for over 30 years, and we have been giving back to the community in all sorts of ways.

From partnerships, events, sponsorships and fundraisers to participating in local community initiatives or sporting events, we support the communities we live in.

With over 150 stores around the country contributing to their local community, we make a difference.


A family business with humble beginnings.

The Cash Converters story began when founder Brian Cumins saw an opportunity to expand the pawnbroking industry into retail. Cash Converters grew as a family business with humble beginnings and has since reshaped the second-hand industry.

Here are some of the key milestones from the last 30 years for Cash Converters:

1984 – Founder Brian Cumins opened the first store in Victoria Park, Western Australia
1988 – The first two franchise stores opened in Western Australia
1991 – The first store opened in the UK in Essex
1994 – The first non-English speaking store opened in France
1995 – Cash Converters was listed on the UK Stock Exchange
1997 – Cash Converters was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
1999 – The Cash Advance product was launched
2003 – The Personal Loan product was launched
2005 – Cash Converters turned 21 and reached 450 stores worldwide
2006 – Cash Converters underwent a re-brand, from logo to store design to advertising
2007 – Webshop, Australia's largest online second-hand goods retailer, was launched
2009 – Cash Converters reached 500 stores worldwide
2009 – EZCORP was introduced as a strategic shareholder
2010 – Personal Finance was launched in the UK
2010 – Federal Government national consumer credit reforms started to take shape
2010 – Online lending launched in Australia
2012 – The National Consumer Credit Legislation amendments were passed in Federal Government
2013 – Cash Converters acquired Carboodle
2014 – 768 stores, 21 countries, 30 years old
2019 – Brendan White appointed to CEO, Cash Converters