We believe that you and all of our customers have a right to manage your own income, your own credit, and make your own choices without government intervention. 

The Australian Government is trying to control how much Australians borrow with proposed changes to the Protected Earnings Amount (PEA Cap) – and we need your help to fight this.

The PEA Cap restricts the amount a lender can provide you when you apply for a loan. It’s a rule fixed by the Australian Government. If these changes go through, they will reduce:

  • a Centrelink customer’s loan amount from a maximum of 20% of their total benefits to a maximum of just 10%;
  • and, for the first time, an employed customer’s loan amount to a maximum of just 20% of their total earnings

The proposed changes reduce the likelihood that you will be approved for short term loans when you need them the most. They will also mean that you will potentially pay more, not less, over your loan term.

We are asking the government to reconsider their position so you can continue receiving the help that you need, when you need it.  

Please complete our two-minute survey so we can tell the government how Australians, like you, will be affected by these changes.

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Here's how the changes could affect you.


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