Personal Loans: How do I Apply Online?

How to apply for a personal loan

Applying for a Cash Converters personal loan online takes as little as five minutes.

What you need to apply

To start your application, all you need are your mobile phone, 100 points of ID, and your internet banking details. 

Our online loan portal allows you to apply for a personal loan from the comfort of your sofa or while travelling on public transport. 

If you need more time to figure out whether the loan suits your needs and means best, browse our different types of personal loan options:

  • Our Small Loans, which allow you to borrow from $400 up to $2,000
  • Our Medium Loans, which allow you to borrow from $2,050 up to $5,000**.

*Deposit into bank account up to a maximum of $4,600, due to the establishment fee being financed with a $5,000 loan.

If you feel more at ease talking to someone, you can apply for a personal loan in-store where our knowledgeable staff can provide any additional information that you need.

How long does it take for Cash Converters to approve a loan?

Whether it's done online or in-store, your loan application will be reviewed within 24 hours after all necessary documents are provided. Once your loan application has been approved, funds are deposited straight to your bank account in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Verification process 

Your loan is assessed as we gather some personal details to verify your identification, along with details of your employment, income, and expenditure. Every application is individually assessed for affordability and suitability.

Australian legislation requires we also gather the last 90 days of bank statements to assess your application. We do this online by safely and securely collecting the transaction data from your internet banking.

Our in-house system is compatible with most Australian banks and credit societies, and your internet banking details are never stored or shared with us.

Once you have completed your loan application online, a Cash Converters customer service representative will be in touch if we require any further information.

If you experience any difficulties processing your application online, please give us a call on 13 CASH.

Decided that a Personal Loan is not for you?

We have a variety of other options that help getting cash for that unexpected bill possible. 

If you aren't keen on a personal loan and have items of value, you can sell or loan against those items with a pawnbroking loan? Get a quote online today.

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