13 things to get Dad for Father's Day

We’ve made it easier for you - here are 13 cheap and easy gift ideas to spoil dad with this Father's Day. 

1. A watch 

If your dad finds himself rushing out the door to get to work, a watch will be the perfect solution. It's the gift that keeps on giving, plus he won't have any excuses when he rocks up late to that family barbecue. 

2. A GoPro

For all the adrenalin junkies and the thrill seekers, a GoPro to capture all the action will be a worthwhile investment. Dad will thank you later when he sees how awesome he truly is. 

3. Wireless charging docks

Dad is always on the go - doing the weekend run and making sure all the kids get to football practice or music lessons. A wireless phone charging dock will make crossing wires a thing of the past.

4. Cufflinks

Ladies, you know how much effort it takes to get ready for special events like family weddings. For guys like dad, fashion isn't always his forte and he may need a little guidance. You can help dad finish off the look with some flashy cufflinks. It's a statement piece that serves as a momento, too. 

5. Sportswatch

A sportswatch like a FitBit or a Garmin will be perfect for dads who are keen to get fit. You can forget about the expensive gym memberships and help him get that dad bod he's always wanted for less. 

6. Fishing rods and reels

Nothing beats the classic Aussie pasttime - fishing. You've got the comfy camping chairs and the trusty portable barbecue, why not top it all off with the perfect reel and rod? Your camping trips will never be the same. 

7. Google Home

When mum's not at home, dad's in charge right? But let's be honest...dad's cooking never tastes as good as mum's. Some assistance with Google Home can change the kitchen scene at home as you know it. From recipes to how to's and music, all activated by voice command, can help make dad's life easier. 

8. Favourite movies

Another easy solution is to get dad something he already likes. His favourite movie or favourite TV show will make for a great present. Go all out with a blu-ray or take it back to the VCR days for a nostalgic walk down memory lane. You can even gift a subscription to an online streaming service so he can re-watch all the classics on demand.

9. Camera 

If your dad is after a new hobby, photography could be his next calling. You can get him a digital point-and-shoot camera for easy use, or a basic DSLR camera for a few hundred dollars. You'll have yourself a designated photographer for every family event. Dads of Instagram anyone?

10. Tools

Dad is usually the go-to handyman of the house. Why not give him a hand with the best tools of the trade? With your help and assistance from a few fancy tools, you'll get the job done much faster. 

11. GPS

Is dad always keen for a family adventure? Get him a GPS to help him de-stress on those notoriously wild family four-wheel drive adventures. Of course there's the GPS on your phone that you can use, but once the reception cuts out, you'll be happy you gifted dad a trusty GPS for Father's Day. 

12. Sunglasses

Keep dad cool all year round with a pair of versatile sunglasses. The added UV protection is always a plus in our eyes.  

13. The footy

Whether it's tickets to the footy, or footy-related paraphernalia, dad will really appreciate a token that represents the love he has for his favourite footy team. It's an easy gift, guaranteed to make dad happy. 

Finding a gift for dad can be difficult. With a little help from our friendly staff at your local Cashies, you can get dad something he'll really like for less. Or, check out our huge range of gifts online.

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