Clever Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

It’s summer time and the weather is fine! This time of year is fun, but keeping cool in the warmer months often means ending up with a not-so-friendly electricity bill. If you notice your energy use rising with the temperature, here are some tips on how you to keep cool this summer.

Throw shade

Close the blinds to keep the sun out and reduce heat inside. It’s a good idea to close everything while you’re out and crack a few curtains open when you get home for the natural light. Plant some trees so they can shade your house in the long term. Alternatively, if trees are not an option, you could look into some outdoor shade cloths.

Don’t cook a thing!

Turning on the oven or the stove will heat up the house, so on super hot days prepare meals that don’t need these appliances. Make foods that will help keep you cool this summer, like salads, frozen yoghurt popsicles or smoothies. If you have a BBQ, do your cooking outside, or pick up a cheap portable grill or Weber and have dinner in the garden, on the balcony, or in a park.

Stay fresh

If you don’t have a pool, get yourself down to the beach. Taking a dip is a win-win, as the water will cool you down and you’ll be out of the house not using any electricity. On your garden watering days, channel your inner child and run around under the sprinkler in your bathers for a fun and refreshing shower! Or what about the good old fashioned idea of soaking hand towels in water and popping them into the freezer for a bit and then onto a hot forehead.

Airing your clean laundry

Dryers are not necessary when the sun is shining! Save electricity by hanging your clothes outside. If you don’t have a backyard, get a portable clothesline so your washing can air-dry inside. Speaking of laundry, using cold water instead of warm will also help reduce energy bills - using warm water uses up 10 times more energy than cold water..

Air-con duties

Make sure your air conditioner is running efficiently. Some need to have filters cleaned regularly, as a dirty filter will restrict airflow and force the appliance to work harder. Instead of blasting it on icy cold as soon as you come home or into the office, set a thermostat so your system runs at an even temperature. Better yet, if your air con has a timer, set it to come on 10 minutes before you arrive. And don’t forget to turn it off overnight. Use some - or all - of the tips on how to keep cool this summer and have a good one.

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