This month in Gaming: June

Things are really starting to speed up now in the gaming world as we edge ever closer to the much-anticipated next gen release and the third quarter of the year when games really start hitting the shelves.

PlayStation 5

Sony finally had its big PlayStation 5 reveal event and the content was generally well received. The design of the console was a bit meme-y, being compared to a modem, the Eye of Sauron, and even a fan.

It does look like there'll be some exciting games coming out for PS5. I’m really looking forward to Horizon Forbidden West. Horizon Zero Dawn was a surprisingly great game and was actually one of the best stories I’d played through in a long time, and the sequel looks amazing. 

The Last of Us Part 2

The follow up to the amazing The Last of Us finally hit the shelves and based on the record-breaking sales it was very much anticipated.

There's been some debate with how good the game actually is. Some people absolutely lauded it and couldn’t wait to keep playing it, while there were others who found it too bleak and boring.

It seems that if you were a fan of the first then this one should tick similar boxes for you, but read and watch some reviews to decide if it's the right game for you.

Cyberpunk 2077

There's been some more sad Cyberpunk 2077 news with the game delayed yet again until November 19, which should be around the time the next generation of consoles will be released.

Developers have said that if you do purchase the game for XboxOne or PS4 you will receive a free upgrade to the next gen version. To soften the blow, they released a new trailer and let some lucky people play the prologue. If you have a look on YouTube there is plenty of new Cyberpunk content to ingest.

Square Enix did a very similar thing. After showing some video of their upcoming Avengers game they also announced that anyone who purchases a PS4 or XboxOne version will also receive a free upgrade to the next gen version.

Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

We also saw the release of the first DLC from Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass, The Isle of Armour. The story part is a little on the short side but the new Wild Area is great to walk around in and the story with Kubfu is really charming.

With 100 old Pokemon returning and some new Galarian forms this is a good start and I expect that come the release of The Crown Tundra will be even better.

Baldur's Gate 3

Larian Studios continue to show more and more of the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 – I’m really excited to play a Baldur’s Gate game with the play style of Divinity Two.

There is plenty of gameplay up on YouTube if you want to see what it is looking like so far. They also announced that at the moment they expect the game to go into early access in August.


Stay tuned for more gaming news as it comes. If you’re looking to buy any of the games mentioned above, or anything else gaming related, check out the gaming section on our online store.

Author: Michael Wickham - Cash Converters Gawler SA