Jewellery Throughout The Years

As time changes, one thing remains the same  - our love for jewellery. Take a look at some of the stunning styles and pieces that shaped each decade until the present day. 


1900 to 1920s

  • There were two key styles during these years – Art Nouveau and Edwardian style jewellery
  • These styles were free flowing and were heavily influenced by Japanese culture


  • An easy way to remember the 1920s is through the glamourous The Great Gatsby movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio
  • It was the start of the Art Deco era and was a time where costume jewellery shined brighter than diamonds.


  • Despite the Great Depression, retro jewellery had finally arrived.
  • Jewellery was known to be bright, bold and stood out with contrasting colours


  • During the WWII era, it was the time of rationing – the same trend was seen in jewellery
  • Yellow and rose gold pieces ruled and were usually set with small, scarce diamonds or affordable gems like citrine, amethyst and garnet


  • Abstract designs were all the rage during the 1950s
  • Organic shapes with jagged edges, starbursts and atomic designs reflected the fascination with space exploration


  • This was the age of flower power, mods, hippies and Twiggy.
  • Jewellery often made with plastic was big, bright and bold.
  • Neon colours were the fad


  • The 70s was all about statement pieces – long dangling earring and attention grabbing pendants
  • Disco-inspired jewellery with flashy designs made way on the dance floor


  • Power dresses and shoulder pads, 80s jewellery had one rule – the bigger the better.
  • The 80s saw the return of the brooch but with a large and bold twist


  • Jewellery in the 90s played hand-in-hand with the rise of facial and body piercings
  • Think chains running from piercing to piercing
  • You can’t forget the infamous rubber choker and mood rings
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