April is bittersweet – it brings with it one of the most awaited games, as well as one of the most delayed.

Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy VII remake is finally here. It has been teased and talked about for years now, but you can finally get your hands on it. And boy, it looks great. I’m glad they took their time to fully flesh it out, redo everything and render everything in fantastic-looking 3D.

The downside to how beautiful the game is that it isn’t the full Final Fantasy VII experience, as the remaster only covers until the end of Midgar. If you do want the full experience I definitely recommend going back and playing the original – if you can’t find a copy on PS1 you can get a digital copy on most platforms.

Cyberpunk 2077

The bittersweet news is that instead of writing this I should be at home on annual leave playing Cyberpunk 2077. The delay sucks because I, and many others, want to play it but with the issue of “crunch culture” affecting many people in the gaming industry it is pleasing to see a company put sales second, delay the game and make sure that a polished product is released without burning out their staff. The new release date being September 17.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has taken another step forward with the launch of their own app on Android, and the iOS app is expected soon as well. As Twitch controls the streaming market, YouTube is going strong with on-demand video and Mixer is trying to gain ground on both types of content, Facebook is now looking to muscle in on the streaming market.

However, it’ll have a fair bit of work to do to become competitive. With millions of people quarantined at home, they could get some real traction – it’s the ideal time to launch an app.

New consoles

As we edge ever closer to the end of the year, we are getting drip-fed news about the new Sony and Microsoft consoles. At the moment it’s still up in the air with what will be the better console. At launch, the Series X will be the significantly more powerful unit as it will basically be a PC, while the PS5 is going all-in on its custom SSD hard drive.

We also got our first look at the PS5’s DualSense controller – it looks much like how you would expect a PlayStation controller to look but it’s a sleek white instead of the typical black that Sony products usually sport. Meanwhile from Microsoft, there are rumours that there will be a cheaper version of the Series X, currently dubbed ‘Lockhart’, that could be available at launch but it hasn’t been confirmed. There are also rumours going around at the moment that with the cancellation of E3, we could start seeing some Series X and PS5 games sooner rather than later.


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Author: Michael Wickham - Cash Converters Gawler SA